Rêvo Beachcraft 601 Pontoon

6 metre aluminium alloy pontoon boat
with surf launching trailer

Builder - Beachcraft Boats, Dunedin

LOH 6.0m
BOH 2.396
Horsepower 125-150
Displacement 930kg


DSC 0090

See a video of this boat running here  


The stability of the Rêvo 601 pontoon can
be seen here with two men standing as far
outboard as possible and no heel evident at all
The Rêvo 601 Pontoon on its surf trailer
The surf trailers allow these boats to
be launched and retreived through
surf by one man


See a video of the surf trailer in operation here



The Rêvo 601 Alloy Pontoon boat on the surf
heading into the beach. The boat and
trailer just
 washes up onto the beach powered by the leg which can be fully down.
Any incoming waves merely push

the boat and trailer further up the beach.
The owner sent the crew ashore to get the tow vehicle. They attach a rope to the front and pull the boat up the beach away from the water, hitch it to the tow vehicle and off home. Didn't even get his feet wet and the boat is back ashore with no fuss or stress capping off a great days fishing and diving. SurfRetrieve
The Rêvo 601 alloy pontoon cuddy cabin version  
One man pushing the Rêvo 601 out into the
surf with
 all other crew dry aboard the boat 
 Setting the trailer anchor ready for dismount  
 Backing off the trailer ready to go fishing 801SLL0071
 Plenty of room to fish for a number of anglers and still with a centre console that offers protection to two crew across the boat. DSC 0184 
Cockpit sides set at the right height for
fishing. Nice deep cockpit and sides a good height for sitting on while waiting to hook up. These boats are fishing and diving machines with no concessions made to anything else.
Driving back onto the trailer after fishing
Tie the boat on and head into the beach
Shown here is a preliminary rendering of the jet version 601 Pontoon with semi-enclosed wheelhouse and forward raking screens 3000
Rêvo 451 Pontoon

4.5 metre aluminium alloy pontoon boat

LOH 4.5 metres
BOH 2.085 metres
Horsepower 50-60
451P 1 
Photo supplied by the owner. He fishes 26 kilometres off the Dunedin coast line with this boat and also uses it on the Central Otago lakes where this photo was taken. 451P 4
Huge internal beam makes the Rêvo 451
a fishing and diving
 machine. Good internal lockers and toe kicks with a level sole outboard make  working at the side a pleasure.

Easy access on and off the boat with the wide portifino stern and platform makes entry and exit from the water a breeze 

Very stable and with the ability to run
outboard or jet drive makes a very
versatile and capable boat with good load carrying capacity.

The cockpit is deep and the sides high which makes the boat very safe when working offshore.

The helm is very sensitive and the balance of the boat excellent making her very safe coming home across bars or through surf but soft into a head sea or seas just off the bow.

The owner of this boat is ecstatic and friends who have been aboard are selling their boats to purchase one of these!
Rêvo alloy pontoon boats are almost
 as pontoon boats.
Most people are unaware they are

in fact pontoon boats until they are told.
451P 2 
Side profile of the new 451 Centre Console 451P7
Top view of the 451 Centre Console. Plenty of room and very stable. The first of the centre console boats will be released in January 2013 451P3
Rêvo 601 Plastic 

6 metre welded polyethylene longboat

40 horsepower outboards gives 25 knots
Excellent load carriers and can be operated at any speed up to its maximum.
Quiet and versatile, available in any colour
and a pleasure to be aboard. This is affordable boating at its best. Tough and durable boats, truly maintenance free.

We have been designing a salt water fly fishing version of the boat with the renderings shown here. Destined for use as a charter boat for salt water fly fishing both in Auckland and in the Pacific Islands

Further down we have a development of the boat with a collapsible forward cabintop for protection from the elements. Also included in this version is a fully enclosed canvas top for overnight camping and fishing trips.


See a video of this boat in the water at



 Flyfisher21601Pl22 601Pl23

Rêvo 442 powercat

We have had this design under development for a long time and have now finalised the design ready for production.
Shown here is a 4.4 metre prototype during sea trials. 
This 4.4 metre boat features two full length bunks. She runs twin 30 Hp engines but is able to fully plane on one engine and would comfortable run twin 15 Hp engines.
More efficient than an equivalent sized monohull, more stable, dryer and softer riding. We can point the boat in any direction in rough seas and leave the wheel. The boat is very very safe!
We see great potential for these boats as work boats, ferries, rescue boats, tenders for superyachts, and superb as pleasure boats providing excellent accommodation and safe handling.
Twin engines widely spaced offer unparalleled piece of mind, safety and control. The boat can be run at low speed without excessive trim angles giveing her a very wide band of operational speed. 
Rêvo 361 Standard jet

70 horsepower 2Si engine and jet unit
Lightweight hunting and fishing jet boat.
Designed to get you further up rivers for better hunting and fishing. Light enough to drag and carry past impassable stretches of rivers to more boating beyond or light enough to get yourself out of trouble if you find yourself stuck when you are alone.
These hulls are not just river boats but also very capable in harbours and lakes with a good soft ride and safe handling.

The first Rêvo 361 SJ ready to go into the finishing shop

Rêvo 361 Wide Body Jet

We specialise in designing and building jet boats. From small river boats with jet ski engines and running gear to 8 metre ocean going jet boats to commercial workboats with jet propulsion, jet boats are an area of specialised expertise we pride ourselves in. We particularly specialise in sea-going jet boats and believe that a well designed jet boat is unbeatable. With the right design the choice of jet will be a decision you will be very happy with at sea.

Shown here is a one of our 361 Wide body light weight jets which runs jet ski style running gear for moving further up shallow rivers for better fishing and hunting. Beachcraft Boats have just launched their first of these boats. The owner called and said when they finally hit the bottom and got out, the leathers on their boots didn't even get wet, just the soles. They were boating in 2 inches of water! Then they just picked the boat up and carried it back into about 200mm of water to get planing again. But their real surprise came when they ran the boat in the harbour and were very impressed with how she ran in rough water. He was happy to cross the Karitane bar in the little boat. A  very verstile little boat that can be used in rivers or on harbours and lakes. We will update photos shortly.

Contact us for mor information on our range of jet boats


See a video of this boat in the water at

Rêvo Beachcraft 821 Jet
Built by Beachcraft Boats Dunedin
LOA 8.2 metres
370 Horsepower
Scott 952 water Jet

Designed for fishing and diving along the South Islands West Coast and regularly operates in rough seas across a notorious bar, the owner can set the boat in the direction he wants and leave the helm.

Described by a professional skipper who conducted sea trials on the boat as the best boat he has ever been on.

The Scott 952 jet unit is superb and offers exceptional perfomance and handling. Contact Scott Waterjet at:-

Crossing the barSapphireProfile

See a video of this boat in the water at


Rêvo Jet Purse Seiner Skiff

Specifically designed as a purse seiner skiff running marinised 3.0 litre Toyota diesel engines coupled to a Scott water jet. Pure work boats designed to do a job. These boats work in all conditions so have to have good sea keeping qualities but also stability for safety while hauling lines and working nets.

This is an examle of a Rêvo specific design to meet specific requirements using jet propulsion. The use of Toyota deisel engines was based on reliability and serviceability anywhere in the world and the need to remove petrol from the mother ships due to fire hazard.

The boats are not pretty but based purely on function and performance and that in itself makes them  attractive in their own way to those charged with operating them.